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Community Singing and Drumming Circle

Group on Drums

For centuries, people have gathered together to share rhythm and song.  Research shows that drumming in a group enhances feelings of wellbeing and connection as individual brainwaves and heart rate are synchronised within the group.  Particularly suited to neurodiverse individuals, drumming and singing together forges connection without the need for words.

Our community drumming and singing group is a welcoming space where anybody seeking deeper connection and wellbeing can come and feel a sense of belonging.  No experience is necessary, just a desire to be part of an authentic and respectful community.  We begin our evenings with food sharing before opening the circle with a meditation and brief check in.  We then move to singing, drumming and sometimes dancing, enjoying a variety of music from medicine songs and mantra to pop songs and classic anthems.  Everyone is welcome to offer songs to the group so that we can all feel included and all voices can be heard.  

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