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Our Work

We offer a range of services all designed to support communities and the individuals within them to thrive.  We combine research based tools and education with age old wisdom practices.  We co-create our offerings with the communities we serve so that at all times we are in a relationship of respect with everyone that we work with.

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Research Based Workshops

We believe that education is empowering.  We offer accessible workshops such as Nervous System 101 so people can understand how their own bodies work in order to be able to enhance their wellbeing and autonomy.

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Coaching and Mentoring

We passionately believe that we all have everything within us that we need to thrive.  However, many of us experience social disadvantage and for many reasons may benefit from support to navigate our way to wellbeing.  We offer coaching and mentoring designed to equip individuals with all they need to heal and grow.  As well as using our qualified coaches, we train mentors from the communities we serve, thereby empowering not just the individuals being mentored but also the mentor themselves.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Women's Circles, Men's Circles, Mixed Circles.

There is a huge benefit in meeting with people who have shared experiences and who face similar challenges and opportunities.  We facilitate safe spaces where people can be witnessed just as they are and feel a sense of support and belonging.  These spaces are about creating deep connection where each member of the group can feel empowered and accepted.  Research shows that this has a beneficial impact on wellbeing and community participation.  Many of our spaces are held in nature, further enhancing wellbeing.

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Grief Tending in Community

Many land based cultures recognise the importance of creating community spaces to tend grief.  When held in community, grief can be a profoundly transformative experience and can open us more fully to life and to love.  It can also help to build truly embodied healthy cultures and as such, is the 'missing link' in many community change initiatives.

Our industrial society leaves little room for the communal expression of grief and the associated emotions of rage, fear and emptiness. Many of us are forced to grieve alone which can compound feelings of depression and isolation.  Grief tending in community can support us in releasing anger, anxiety and depression and to return to a sense of health and wholeness.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Singing and Drumming Circles

Research shows that singing and drumming in a group has a beneficial effect on wellbeing, calming the nervous system and reducing stress and anxiety.  It also organically leads to a sense of belonging and empowerment.  Our community singing and drumming circles are accessible and emphasise fun and playfulness.  Drumming together naturally leads to a deep sense of social cohesion, creating the infrastructure for more diverse and inclusive communities.

Image by Junseong Lee

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

With years of experience teaching mindfulness and meditation in drug and alcohol rehab centres, prison and in marginalised communities, we have developed a way of sharing the research based, powerful and practical tools of yoga, mindfulness and mediation in an accessible and simple way.  These tools have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience and allow for greater flexibility in the face of challenge.  We offer courses and classes designed to embed these tools into the fabric of the communities that we serve.

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