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What is a Women's Circle?

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For centuries, women have met in circle to share their experiences, what is happening in their lives and to give and receive support.  

The circle is a place where every person is equal, every person is valued and included.

The circle is not about fixing anything or giving advice, (unless it is asked for).  It is a safe space where we can take off the masks and be accepted just as we are.  Where we can share our joys and our sorrows, our concerns and our hopes whilst being seen and witnessed by the other women in the circle.

Being seen and accepted as we are can be a healing and transformative experience and this describes the real power of the circle.

What Happens in a Women's Circle?

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Each week this is what happens in the Women's Circle:

  • We begin with a short embodiment practice such as a body scan meditation, breathing a few breaths together, feeling the earth underneath us.  This helps us to 'arrive' fully and to be present so we can connect with ourselves and one another.

  • Then we have a chance to share with one another.  This might be about what's happening in our lives, challenges we may be going through or good things that are happening.  We may wish to ask for some support.  Sharing is optional and you may also feel that you don't want to share.  This is as important and valued as the choice to share.

  • We spend the middle part of the evening exploring an activity/learning something together.  This might include connecting with the moon cycles, learning self love and self care tools, listening to a story or poems, learning how to work with our menstrual cycles and menopause, (in a way that includes those without wombs) or having a pampering evening.

  • Then we have some tea and chocolate and there's time to make connections and chat.

  • We finish with a closing share.  This is an opportunity to share how we've found the evening and to share anything that would help us feel complete.  

Who is the Women's Circle For?

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We welcome any person who identifies as a woman into the Circle.  

We recognise the wide range of experiences of being a woman and seek to include all of these experiences. 


We aim to be open to and learn from difference rather than imposing an idea of what it means to be a woman.  

We allow these differences to create new possibilities and deeper shared understanding, belonging and connection.

For more details see our Inclusion Policy.

Come to the Circle.


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