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Women's Wellbeing Project


Women's  Wellbeing

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We are delighted to have received funding for a year long St Leonards and Hastings Women's Wellbeing Project.  The Project is for all self-identifying women in Hastings, St Leonards and the surrounding areas and aims to create a sense of support, belonging and community.


The Project will provide a variety of safe and welcoming spaces for women to gather and be seen and heard.  It will also offer embodied educational opportunities to  empower women to have choice and voice.  The Project includes:

  • A weekly donation only women's circle

  • A weekly women's donation only wellbeing yoga class

  • A monthly donation only educational workshop on topics such as menstrual cycle awareness and menopause as power

  • Regular women's retreat days and weekends

All women in the area are welcome to join this supportive and powerful community.   Find out more here and also see our latest events.

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